Power flushing Is A Process

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By which heating systems are cleansed using water and magnetic filters, with the addition of powerful cleansing and mobilising agents. The power flushing unit is attached to the heating circuit in place of the system pump, boiler or radiator and the flushing is done at high velocity, but low pressure, so that no physical damage is caused to the system. In this way the heating circuit can be thoroughly cleansed of lime scale and corrosion debris, which clogs up the system causing damage and inefficiencies if left in place. We complete this in less than a day!

When using chemicals, we PH test to ensure that we have removed all of our chemicals. We also inspect for total dissolved solids. Once completed, we add an inhibitor to protect, and balance your heating system.


The combi element and magnet is used when we power flush a heating system that either has no working boiler or we have decided to bypass a boiler and directly flush the heating and pipework.
We create our own heat and this allows us to activate our chemical and test for heat and circulation


We choose our chemicals carefully and use the safest on the market direct from the UK. Also adding inhibitors after a power flush to protect your heating system. Our hoses allow us to work up to 20 meters away so if your boiler is in an attic or away from our suited set up zone we can work more remotely.


When we power flush we connect on to where your pump is located. Our pump is just a bigger pump and we pump in 2 directions to loosen debris and resolve the issues with your heating system.

Twin Magnetic Flushing

Combining our cf 90 with the twin combi mag filter gives us the power to gather the magnetic sludge while power flushing on both the flow and return pipes as we power flush, this removes most debris and stops cross contamination with our flushing process. We have high velocity using this combination.


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Our Power Flush Machine

Power flush Dublin are the experts in power flushing. We use the quantum cf90 power flush machine because it delivers 150l/minute duel direction and we force water through blockages and sludge to fix heating problems. We use Kamco (copyright) products and provide the best service available.

“Get The Power Back Into Your Heating System”

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